• “What a wonderful week we've had in this special place!”

    From Elleanor Keller, Sydney Australia (September 2010)

    What a wonderful week we've had in this special place! Its truly delightful to meet such great people from all around the world who share the same passion for surfing, good food and relaxing in a great environment. Thanks to João, Pedro and the crew at Surfcastle for making our stay such a memorable one. The special little excursion from Pedro's beach to get on the outside was a real treat ! The welcome BBQ which happened appropriately on day 5 was such a lovely night - excellent BBQ fish & sardines and of course the excellent surf lessons and varieties of conditions made it a surf camp I'd definitely recommend to friends and come back too!!! Thanks again for a fabulous surfing week holiday in Portugal!

    All the very best,
    Eleanor Keller.

  • “Pirates of north carolina”

    From Jamie, Brad, Mike & Pete - North Carolina USA (Jan 2010)

    To the Surfcastle crew !

    Thanks for an amazing surf, hospitality, friendship, vibe, cheers, dinners, adventures and all around unreal surf trip !

    All the best,
    Jamie, Brad, Mike & Pete !

  • “We had the best honeymoon a couple can have...”

    From Alper & Serra, Istambul Turkey (April 2009)

    Hey Surfcastle ! We had an amazing time in this great place, you know what ! We had the best honeymoon a couple can have...

    And most probably that is because of you guys. We will miss every day we had over here... now that we are leaving, we are kind of down... after one week I made my first take off... and now its time to go... that´s not fair ! But hey, at least I didn´t do that bodyboard and didn´t become the pussy guy. So I think that is all for now guys... hope to come back in a soon time ! Keep this place like this forever. Not a hotel but like a home ! This is so unique :)

    Come to Istambul / Turkey to our humble castle and we will get wasted in the nights of Istambul !
    Lots of love,
    Alper & Serra.

  • “A real honor to include the Surfcastle as one of the places to stay on our AfricanSurfer project, thanks a lot !”

    From AfricanSurfer.com (2008 & 2009)

    Dear João & the surfcastle crew,

    What a treat ! We've seen a lot of cool stuff over the last 14 months driving up from South Africa, but your awesome house powered by the passion of surfing has to be some of the coolest.

    Like the retro Ford Transit parked outside, may you keep running strong for a long time to come ! A real honor to include the Surfcastle as one of the places to stay on our AfricanSurfer project, thanks a lot !

    Catch many,
    Tim; Stone & Lurks
    Cape Town - London
    west coast mission 2007/8

    update (08/03/2009):
    We're back ! It didn´t take long... clearly the Surfcastle left a good impression :)

  • “Cheers for everything, what a place as we say back home... UNREAL !”

    From Lee, Ireland (August 2009)

    Well guys (Gaucho, Ginjas, Laura, Nick & Max)

    Cheers for everything, what a place as we say back home... UNREAL !

    You can be sure that you will see me again some time soon and I will bring a few of Irish whiskey bottles with me ! It was great to have met such good people and will always think about you and most definitely recommend the surfcastle to everybody !


  • “Thanks so much for the few great days and the amazing vibe...”

    From Linda, South Africa (May 2009)

    The crew at Surfcastle !

    So word of mouth had it that this was the place to be for surf hungry saffars that have driven up the continent of Africa... you guys were amazing !

    Thanks so much for the few great days and the amazing vibe...
    We will definitely be seeing more of you soon !


  • “Many thanks for letting us enter your kingdom...”

    From Maria João, Portugal (Feb. 2009)

    A dream castle for surfers & bodyboarders. Where the the sun shines even in February :)
    Great waves, great food, great ambiance and amazing hospitality !

    Many thanks for letting us enter your kingdom, specially room nº1 of your kingdom !
    Happy valentines day,
    Maria João.

  • “I've had some of the most memorable times of my trip in this Castle !”

    From Nick Nairn Smith, Tazmania (Feb. 2008)

    Yeeeeewwwww !!!! Yeah João & Pedro !!
    Madness. My trip to Portugal has been madness, and to think I booked this flight here on a whim after drinking one too many cervejas. On my trip around the world so far I've encountered A LOT of great people, but the way you lads took me in & shared with me the real Portuguese surf lifestyle and the way of living over here really was second to none. Supertubos, Supermarket trips, nights out in Peniche, amazing dinner parties and of course CARNAVAL I have had some of the most memorable times of my trip in this Castle ! Man I lived in the Surfcastle !!! I'll be seeing you again one day and we will be in touch. Be coming to Tassie next time you guys are down under fro sure so I can return the favour ! Yeah lads its been goooood...

    Nick Nairn-Smith
    (Tassie devil /scum bodyboarder... best of luck, good things will happen here)

  • “The concert from project Almagreira was simply unforgettable !”

    From Inês, Lisboa - Portugal (April 2008)

    Every time I was walking by the Surfcastle, I thought that one day I was going to spend my holidays in this fantastic house. Last month I visited your place and this made me decide to book my holidays ! This weekend was amazing ! The Yoga sessions in the Surfcastle living room with the sun rays warming my back... the concert from project Almagreira was simply unforgettable. The company was great and I woudln´t have asked for anything else. I promise to come back some day during this summer !

    A big kiss for everybody in the Surfcasle !
    Many thanks,

  • “Every famous fairytalte talks about a castle full of magic...”

    From Susanne, Switzerland (August 2008)

    Every famous fairytalte talks about a castle where the stories are full of magic. This is exactly what we have found when we got to the Surfcastle. Welcomed in a fantastic way we have been caught up in this sensation of well being...

    Joao - The lord of his castle !
    He is the impersonated expression of happiness. Always ready to transmit it to his guests. We haves never seen him in a bad mood. His caipirinhas are the best in the whole Portugal, if not in the whole world !

    Pedro - The knight of the waves
    Super professional even when you think that he is to busy to think of you as well. He surprises you with explaining what your weak points are and what you can do to improve your surfing.

    Laura - The queen
    Super busy with improving even the smallest detail in the surfcastle. She is often less present in the daily life but you can find her in every corner of the house ! In warm and welcoming interior decoration, in the fresh flowers and in the good smelling towels !

    Dan & Elfie - There is no proper word to describe how nice, helpful and incredible discrete they are. Elfie is the perfect blonde fairy of the enchanted castle. You can always rely on Dan in the water because his patience is endless !

    I will come back next year for sure,

  • “Seeing the ocean every morning is something special...”

    From Mario & Silvia, Italy (August 2008)

    Here we are... tomorrow we leave... and we already plan to come back !
    Because we really loved our stay over here. We loved our nice room (Nº3), we loved the atmosphere, we love the house, the hammocks, the wonderful breakfast and the special BBQ all together (its amazing) !

    We felt like at home, and that's thanks to you !
    Waking up and seeing the ocean every morning is something special, and taking his first wave has been for Mario a real cool experience !

    Thanks Joao, king of the castle. We'll come back, its a promise !
    Thanks Pedro, special teacher !
    Thanks Laura for dinners and... your special wonderful sauce !
    Thanks Dan for your attention in the water
    Thanks Elfie for the wonderful breakfast, even when you were really tired !

    Here we made a lot of friends, starting by you ! Remember that if you come to Italy, you really have to call us !

    All the best,
    Mario & Silvia.

  • “A fantastic surf business”

    From William Bose, London (June 2007)

    Congratulations on setting up a fantastic surf business !
    Great location, great house, great waves and a great team.
    Thoroughly enjoyed my stay and will return some day soon.
    If ever you guys are in London, look me up !

    All the best,
    William Bose.

  • “The masters in the art of living”

    From Piet, Belgium (summer 2007)

    Dear Joao & Pedro,

    "The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he is always doing both"

    Quote from the Surfer's journal, vol XVI Nº4
    See you soon,

  • “Room with a sea view and great waves”

    From David & Eveline - Belgium (April 2007)

    Hi João and Pedro,

    Many thanks for the splendid week at the Surfcastle... the hospitality; the room with a sea view and the great waves !! We wish you a great take off with the Surfcastle project and we will see you soooon !