Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the closest international airport ?

    Lisbon is the closest airport, it is just 90 Km away (60 miles). It takes about an hour to get here by car and there are several busses driving to Peniche.

    See our “How to get there for more detailed information”.

  • Which airports can I fly to?

    You can fly to Lisbon, Porto and Faro. Porto international airport is about 250 km away. We have a few guests that fly into Porto, rent a car and drive down. (Its about 3 hours drive by car)

    You can also fly into Faro airport which is 365 Km away from the Surfcastle (about 4 hours drive by car).

  • How do I get to the Surfcastle from Lisbon Airport by car?

    Take the A8 in the direction of Leiria and drive for 70 Kms until you find exit nº14 to Peniche. Enter the IP6 and follow the direction to Peniche. When you arrive in Peniche you will find a series of rundabouts. On the first 2 roundabouts, you should go straight. On the 3rd roundabout turn right on the 1st exit to Baleal. After 5 minutes driving along the dunes you’ll see the ocean on your left side and the Surfcastle right in front of you. The address of the Surfcastle is Avenida do Mar N186 - Praia do Baleal.

  • Is there a bus from Lisbon Airport to the Surfcastle?

    There isn't a direct bus from the Lisbon airport to the Surfcastle.
    However you can take a taxi (10 Euros) from the Airport to one of the following bus stations:

    a) Sete Rios Bus station (10 Euros)
    b) Campo grande Bus station (10 Euros)

    Click on the link below check out the bus timetables.

    Just let us know what time your bus arrives in Peniche and one of us will pick you up at the station. Make sure you go all the way until the bus stops in the last & terminal station.

    Bus timetable
  • What does the weekly full package include?

    The weekly Full Pack includes 7 nights of accommodation with breakfast.
    It also includes 5 Days of surf lessons, equipment, insurance and transport to and from the beaches.
    If you’re not surfed out yet, you’re free to use the equipment at any other time during your stay at the Surfcastle.
    We will serve you one nice local dinner during your stay.

  • What is the weather like in Baleal?

    Our summers are hot and sunny, but despite this Mediterranean climate our northerly winds tend to make summer nights chilly, so bring a nice warm sweater.

    The average high temperature in winter is around 17 degrees celsius and we get many sunny days. Although we don’t have the warmest winter, we are blessed with world-class waves and predominant mellow offshore winds.

  • What is the water temperature?

    We have temperate waters that range between 14 and 20 degrees celsius throughout the year. In the winter the water is cold and we use a 4/3 mm wetsuit. In summer the water is cool and we surf most of the days with a spring suit a 3/2 mm, although we have some days in summer where you can get out in board shorts.

  • What can I expect from a surf lesson?

    A typical lesson lasts around 90 minutes, and you can expect a method of teaching that can suit all kinds of ability, age and knowledge. We try to make lessons as personal as possible, and our surf teachers are trained to give you all the feedback you need to learn or improve your skills.

    Surfboards and wetsuits are provided as part of the surf lesson.
    We use video to film all our students and help them improve their surfing skills.

  • Are there any restaurants within walking distance?

    There are several nice restaurants within walking distance of the Surfcastle, and there are a wide range of excellent restaurants serving typical Portuguese cuisine in Peniche, just a 5 minute drive away.

  • Can I pay with my credit card?

    We accept VISA, Mastercard and MB as well as cash. We ask for a 50% deposit to confirm your booking, which you can pay by bank transfer.

  • What is included in breakfast?

    We offer a rustic, continental breakfast with freshly baked bread with cheese and ham, and a selection of conserves (jams) and honey, yoghurt's, milk, cereal and fresh fruit, along with tea, coffee and juices. Our breakfast is famous amongst our guests, and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

  • Do all rooms have their own private bathroom?

    The main house has two shared bathrooms, which are cleaned several times a day.
    The small house divides a bathroom in between the three rooms.
    If you feel like more privacy, we have the studios that offer en-suite facilities (private bathroom and kitchen)

  • What are the check in & check out times ?

    Check in: from 14h until 23h
    Check out until 12h

  • Is there a minimum stay at the Surfcastle ?

    Two night minimum stay

  • Do you have a safe place to store my board?

    We have a secure place to store your board and wetsuit and you’ll be given a key on arrival.

  • What languages are the surf lessons given in?

    Our surf lessons are in English but we can provide it in Portuguese, French and Spanish.