Surf Hire - Wetsuit, Surfboard and more

Rent a surfboard and a wetsuit and borrow a skateboard and a bike if you like.

The Surfcastle surf hire/rental contains some of the best brands.
We always match the surf gear to your surfing level.
We have a wide range of warm, comfortable wetsuits (for children, women and men) and a range of surfboards, from beginner soft boards to advanced fiberglassed and epoxy boards. One of our experienced staff members will be able to help you select your surf hire for you on arrival at the surf camp.


This photo shows surfboards for rent in a surfcamp at Baleal Peniche Portugal

For the advanced surfers, we have an extensive range of surf gear.

Our head surf coach, Ginjas, can help you make an expert decision about the right board, depending on your experience and surf conditions on the day.


Girl holding a surfboard in surf rental at Peniche Baleal Portugal

We offer a full range of wetsuits (summer and winter wetsuits) specifically for children, men, and women, including all shapes and sizes. One of our experienced staff members will help you select your wetsuit upon arrival.


Surf gear hire Baleal Peniche Portugal

As a Surfcastle guest, you are welcome to borrow our bikes to explore the surroundings. We also have a range of skateboards and longboards that you can use anytime. There are a few skate parks in the region.

Rent a surfboard or a wetsuit and change it any time you wish

The great thing about our board rental service is that you can change your surfboard to try out different types of boards, different shapes, and materials. This means that the surfboard you choose always fits the conditions of the waves.


Equipment Rental 1/2 Day 1 Day 3 Days 7 Days
Fiberglass / epoxy €20 €25 €60 €100
Foam Board €15 €20 €50 €90
Wetsuit €10 €15 €30 €60
Bodyboard €10 €15 €30 €60