Our Team


João was born in 1976 and has a background in business administration. He finished his bachelor studies in 1999 and after that he worked for 6 years in Unilever as a category manager. His main responsibilities in the Surfcastle are finance, sales and public relations. João started surfing 8 years ago and tries to go out at least once every day. He has been living in the Surfcastle since 2007 and is always keen to welcome newcomers and regular guests.


Pedro was born in 1975 and grew up on the Island of Baleal where he got his first surfboard when he was five years old, and he's never stopped surfing ever since. In 2001 he finished his bachelor degree in communication and film. During his studies he worked as an actor in a Portuguese soap opera and directed several films and television pragrams. Subsequently Pedro worked in several surfcamps in Brazil and Portugal as a surf instructor before starting the Surfcastle with João.